My Social Media Avatar

I was inspired to write this story after reading this great article by Gina LaGuardia on her blog. In it Gina explains (much better than I could) what the 12for12k charity means to her and how important using the special avatar is for her. I strongly suggest you read what Gina has to say. It […]

Mixero – another Twitter desktop app

Wow, there are starting to get to be a lot of desktop applications for Twitter. I’ve already written about two of the ones I use, Tweetdeck and Seesmic Desktop. Recently the Mashable guys compared 19 different apps – all designed be an improvement on using the actual Twitter website. I had never imagined there were […]

12for12k Special 12 hour video-a thon

This is short notice, but very important. As you’ll have noticed, I’m a supporter of The 12for12k Challenge, a great team of social media enthusiasts looking to bring people together to help worthwhile causes. The end of June marks the half way point of this year’s challenge and we want to mark this in spectacular […]

Social Media Icons

No self respecting blog is properly dressed without a nice set of Social Media icons. Totally Incorrect is no exception and I’ve been looking for a set of icons that would fit in with the design of my site. Not being able to find anything I really liked, I decided to make a set for […]

Twitter Desktop Apps

If you use Twitter to any extent you will have noticed that the Twitter website is not really that good at managing your activities. This is especially true if you follow a lot of people or want to get involved in any of the #chats. Fortunately, when there is a problem a solution is often […]

Social Media & the IT Guy

Social Media and the IT Guy People who market to businesses, (I really don’t like the expression B2B but I guess that’s what it is) often seem to complain that social media marketing techniques are not as successful as they are when marketing to consumers. I’m not sure this is totally true, especially if you […]

UNICEF & 12for12k

Since The 12for12k Challenge folks (of whom I’m a huge supporter) chose UNICEF’s Believe in Zero campaign as the June charity, there has been a lot of activity, not all of it positive. First one of the 12for12k blog partners decided he didn’t like UNICEF after originally posting in support. There have also been attacks […]

12for12k – UNICEF Believe in Zero

If you read Totally Incorrect regularly, you’ll know that I’m a huge supporter of the 12for12k Social Media for Good campaign. I’m really excited about the partnership that is just being announced for June. 12for12k has teamed up with the UN – playing with the big guys now – specifically UNICEF’s Believe in Zero Campaign. […]

5 Stupid Arguments

One of the newer additions to my Google Reader list is the excellent Legends of Aerocles blog by David Tetcher. A recent story that caught my eye was not by David, but was written by a guest, Amanda Fontaine. The title of the post is 5 Stupid Arguments Against Starting a Social Media Program which, […]

David’s Twitter Newbie Tip II

Congratulations – you’ve gotten the job to deal with Social Media at your company – a license to play around in Twitter and Facebook while everyone is working! On Twitter, all you need to do is get some followers and you are away. Here’s a thought though – a small thing but important to me: […]