Unique Weddings

We  are a family owned boutique wedding photography and beauty business, bringing 15our creativity to a small group of special couples. You can learn more about us at www.uniqueday.com, where you can check out either our website or blog.

Our  photographic style is exciting and dynamic, always evolving and always fresh. Check out some of our images and albums. Our style is not for everyone, only for couples looking for that certain something. Our packages have been carefully put together to make choosing simple while representing fantastic value for money.

Want  to look your best for your wedding day? Caren is one of the best formal hair designers in the North East. Contact her to arrange a consultation and to see how she can help you.

It is our goal to make your wedding day as special as possible so please contact us right away so we can get started!

Give me a call at 603-438-0673, email david@uniqueday.com or DM @DavidUnique